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Dr. Felix Linetsky knows what it is like to be nearly disabled due to musculoskeletal injury and pain. He was offered surgery but in 1991 came across the treatment called Prolotherapy and was successfully treated by Drs. Baum and Chase.

Because of this life changing experience Dr. Linetsky became a firm believer in Prolotherapy. In 1991, he changed his practice from Emergency Medicine to focus on treatment of chronic musculoskeletal injuries or disease with Prolotherapy.  He practiced for nine years with Dr. Rodney Chase, a pupil of the late Dr. Earl Gedney, who pioneered this treatment in 1937.

Prolotherapy became Dr. Linetsky’s passion and he has committed many years to the research of clinical anatomy relative to Prolotherapy and the history of this method.  This is reflected in the multiple medical text book chapters and medical journal articles written by Dr. Linetsky which are posted in the ‘Publications’ section of this website.

Dr. Linetsky has also taught Prolotherapy treatments to many physicians across the United States and is a frequent speaker at medical conventions.  Locally, he teaches Prolotherapy and Regenerative Injection Therapy at NOVA Southeastern College of Osteopathic Medicine and at The University of South Florida Medical School, rotating residents, fellows and physicians. He has also taught Prolotherapy to many physicians in his office.

Injuries, musculoskeletal diseases and chronic pain are the most common reasons patients seek medical attention.  Because the symptoms are often complex, it is not unusual to have more than one source contributing to a problem.  Dr. Linetsky has the expertise, empathy and willingness to spend all the time necessary to identify the actual cause of patients’ problems and implement a treatment specific to their needs such as Prolotherapy, local anesthetic blocks, steroid injections, neurolytic blocks or various Regenerative Injection Therapy solutions including Platelet Rich Plasma.
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