Mid Back & Chest Pain

Prolotherapy Treatments

Arm, Elbow & Wrist Pain

Prolotherapy for Arm, Elbow, Wrist

Arthritis Pain

Prolotherapy is effective in treating arthritis caused by injury or degeneration. , joint parts: ligaments, tendons, cartilage weaken, bone spurs and small nerves grow causing pain, prolotherapy heals them


Fibromyalgia (muscle pain) can be treated by Prolotherapy by injecting the areas where affected muscles attach to the bone.

Foot & Ankle Pain

Prolotherapy is effective in treating sprained ligaments of the ankle and foot, Achilles tendons and Morton’s neuroma.

Headache & Neck Pain

Prolotherapy is effective in treating headaches and neck pain from whiplash injuries, facet syndrome (degenerative joints in the neck), degenerated ligaments and tendons.

Hip Pain

Prolotherapy is effective in treating hip ligaments, tendons, cartilage, joint and hip bones which may cause pain when injured or damaged by arthritis

Knee Pain

Prolotherapy can treat many knee injuries including ACL tear, PCL, patellar and quadriceps (knee cap) tendons, some meniscal tears, Baker’s cyst, painful joint instability and arthritis.

Low Back Pain

Prolotherapy is effective in treating low back pain, sciatica, facet joints, sprained ligaments and tendons, instability, degeneration, spinal stenosis, bulging disc and herniated disc.

Mid Back & Chest Pain

Prolotherapy has been used for many decades for common chest problems, painful rib displacements at spine rib joints, facet joints, grinding wing bone, Tietze’s syndrome, ligament and for tendon wear and tear.

Sacroiliac Joint Pain

Prolotherapy has been used to successfully treat sacroiliac joint instability with displacements and pain for over 70 years. Prolotherapy results are better than with any other treatment.

Shoulder Pain

Prolotherapy can successfully treat painful shoulder injuries, instabilities, grinding, clicking, tendinosis, related joints, ligaments, tendons muscles and bursitis.

TMJ Pain

TMJ or the jaw joint is often painful because of injury to the ligaments, muscles or cartilage. Problems with talking, chewing, earaches, muscle cramping are often treated with Prolotherapy.

Mid Back & Chest Pain

Many patients experiencing mid-back or thoracic area problems have been treated effectively with Prolotherapy.

Some statistical data says that thoracic problems are not as common as neck or low back problems; however, at Prolotherapy Florida almost every patient with neck problems has a significant amount of thoracic discomfort as well.  These problems co-exist and complicate one another and usually require simultaneous treatment.

Middle back problems can be caused by various factors including poor body posture while driving or working at the computer, strenuous sports activity, or car accidents. Some complicating factors are scoliosis, large natural breasts, breast enlargement surgery, surgery of the thoracic spine utilizing metal rods and surgery for cervical or lumbar disc with fusion.  Many patients with these problems had significant relief after Prolotherapy.

The most common causes of thoracic problems are ligaments and tendons, facet and costotransverse joints (joints between the rib and transverse process of the thoracic vertebrae). All these areas are usually addressed during treatment and improve after a Prolotherapy regimen of six to eight series spaced three to six weeks apart.

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