What is Prolotherapy?

What is Prolotherapy?

Prolotherapy is a medical treatment that stimulates the natural production of new connective tissue such as ligaments and tendons.  Repairing ligaments, which hold joints together and tendons also repairs major parts of damaged and hurtful joints.  Prolotherapy stimulates the body to heal the damaged structure naturally, triggered by the doctor’s injection of a simple Prolotherapy solution into specific tender areas.  The basic Prolotherapy solution contains dextrose (sugar water) and xylocaine (anesthetic). Other, more complex Prolotherapy solutions may be used later, tailored for your condition.

Prolotherapy is a very effective treatment for connective tissue injuries or degeneration such as a frail ligament or tendon because Prolotherapy injections trigger the body to naturally heal damaged structures. It was also recently discovered that Prolotherapy can restore damaged cartilage in addition to ligaments and tendons.

Prolotherapy is LOW RISK
Prolotherapy is NATURAL
Prolotherapy is COST EFFECTIVE

Prolotherapy is VERY EFFECTIVE for treating sports injuries, whiplash injuries and hip and knee joints.

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